Selling a Home is a Team Effort

Are you ready to sell your house?  Hiring a great real estate agent is one of the key factors to closing a sale.  Although the agent will handle many of the tasks during the sales process, sellers must do their share as well.  Believe it or not, selling a home is a team effort.

Let the agent help you!  An open and honest relationship with the listing agent will help the transaction go more smoothly. Suggestions offered by the listing agent should not be perceived as a personal attack on you or your home, but rather as a perspective from an unbiased party.  The agent’s job is to help you sell your property at the highest possible sales price under the best conditions.

Keep the following recommendations in mind as you list your home for sale.

Less is More – Clutter can make a home feel cramped, consequently buyers may leave the property with a bad first impression.  Start packing and put belongings in storage.  After all, the goal is for you to move out of the house. Pack items away that you don’t need while the house is listed for sale.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – Share them all with the listing agent to prevent surprises later. Don’t hide any of the flaws in the home from your agent because you’re afraid it could spoil the sale. Remember the listing agent is an advocate and can offer advice regarding the items that need attention for a successful transaction.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger – When a buyer submits a low-ball offer or demands an extensive list of repairs, the listing agent is simply communicating that information.  A sales transaction can cause sellers to become emotional or frustrated.  The listing agent is there to help you respond to such requests in a fair manner.