Real Estate: Relationship Business Built on Trust

Being a REALTOR© isn’t just about buying or selling property.  In fact, real estate is a relationship business. Many different types of relationships develop during the course of a sales transaction.  For example, trust is earned during the course of a transaction between the agent and the consumer.  Often times this relationship continues after the closing happens.

Midwest Real Estate Relationships and Trust

Customers ask trusted real estate professionals for advice and information on a wide variety of topics.  We get inquiries from buyers and sellers all the time.  Current and previous customers contact us for many different kinds of referrals. Why do they call us? It’s simple, they trust us.

Just recently, a former customer reached out to our office for advice. The request was not real estate related.  Both of us are small business owners and we believe in supporting local events. The relationship between our two businesses began during a real estate transaction.  Now this small business owner values our input because they trust us.  The trust is mutual. We refer this business to consumers because we know they will take good care of the customer.

Real estate IS a relationship business, not a property transfer business!