The Rose Hill Dairy in Coffeyville, KS

Got Milk?

The Rose Hill Dairy operated from 1921 until the mid-1950’s, supplying milk to many families in the Coffeyville area throughout the 1900’s. During its operational years, the dairy included acreage located across the county road where the cattle would graze. When it was milking time, the cattle would cross the road via a tunnel that was once underneath the county road. They would then enter what is now the basement of the home to be milked. Here, we can see echoes of history as the original feeding troughs are still in place. We also find other remnants of the past dairy farm on the property in the form of original stone fence posts.


There is also an interesting spherical structure in the yard behind the home. Many who pass by often wonder what the purpose of such a structure could be. At the time this sphere was brought to the property, it was used to store water for the cattle.


Dutch Colonial

Converted into a home in the 1980’s, this barn home has an eclectic mix of features that can be reminiscent of various decades throughout the home’s history. Though this home is a converted barn, it closely resembles a Dutch Colonial style in many aspects. In the ruble work masonry on the exterior of the home we can see a common feature of a Flemish Farmhouse. This style is also made more prominent through the flared eaves and large porch that occupies a large portion of the exterior of the home. The gable end of the home faces the road, because at one time in its history the main doors of the barn were located there. This is also a typical design of Dutch Colonial homes, as they historically had store-fronts in the ground level of the home.   

Located in Montgomery County Kansas, this 4 bedroom, 3 bath home sits on 23.5 acres MOL and boasts approximately 4400 sq ft. The interior contains some excellent features of its own. There are built in shelving units and closets in almost every room of the home, making it a storage paradise. Hidden away in a living room closet you can even find a wet bar. The master suite is located on the main level, making it ideal for those who do not want to climb stairs frequently. In the living room, you can also find a large fireplace and a spiral staircase to take you to the second level.


The balcony off the second floor has the best view, imagine what it looks like during a vibrant Kansas sunset.





This home is listed for sale with Patti Miller, and the listing can be found here: