September 8th – Sunday – HUGE Gun and Coin Auction

Gun and Coin Auction

Sunday, September 8th, 12:30 p.m.

Old Iron Club, Fredonia KS

Follow signs East at Roundabout on 400 Hwy

Estate of Fred and Louise Moulton

Guns, Related: Remington 870 20ga; HR 410-44 single shot; Winchester Mod190 22 w scope; IMC2 1987 bolt action 22; Hi Point 9mm Mod 995; Daisy 1894 BB w Box; Marlin Mod60 Microgroove 22 stainless w scope; JC Higgins Mod33 22 pump; IntracArms 12ga pump; Benjamin Franklin Brass BB; Daisy Red Ryder BB; Crossman Mod 766 BB; Glenfield Mod 30 30-30 w scope; Springfield M6 Scout 22/410; Mossberg 500E 410; Rossi 22 pump stainless; Jukar black powder cap/ball musket; Rossi 410 stainless snake; Winchester 94AE 357 LA; J Stevens Little Scout 22; Stevens Marksman 22 LA break open; US Springfield Mod 1896 Krag sport; US Springfield Mod 1896 Krag sport w scope;  JC Higgins Mod30 22 auto; US Springfield Mod 1896 Krag orig; Daisy Powerline 90; FEG SA 85M 7.62×39 Hungarian AK47, blonde thumb hole stock; HR Mod 999 22rev 1962 100th Anniversary “End of Chisolm Trail”, Abilene KS w Holster; S&W Mod 422 22auto; High Standard Sentinel 22rev; Norinco 7.62×25 auto; Ruger GP100 357 Mag Stainless rev; Jennings Mod 48 nickel 380 auto; Phoenix Arms HP22A 22 auto; BB pistol; Chiappa Puma 1922-22 auto; Hi Standard R107 Sentinel Deluxe 22 rev; Jennings Mod 59 nickel 9mm; Jennings Mod 59 9mm; High Standard R102 Sentinel nickel 22 rev; Taurus PT738 380 auto; Davis Industries D22 22LR Derringer; N American Arms mini 22 revolver; Lorcin Mod L22; Jennings Mod 38 380 auto; Remington 22 hex bbl rolling block; Savage Axis 22-250 w scope; musket wall hanger; Smith&Wesson Model 79G .177 pellet; Vtg Daisy ”Bell Ringing” target; misc parts; blow gun; cleaning kits; 60+ knives, Buck, Boker, Old Timer; Western, Case; pens; 2 Daisy Powerline 340 BB NIB; 2 large gun safes (1 drilled, needs new lock); MEC reloader/equip; gun cases; Jap 7.62 bandolier; target throwers; misc holsters; Vtg Mohawk collapsible fishing pole; 2 display boxes; NIB rapid pivot tripod; ammo cans; Montague fly rod; antique wooden ammo boxes; misc gun books, manuals, boxes; deer racks; metal targets; marbles; AMMO: (Most will have SEVERAL 100 rds) 410, 12ga, 20ga, 22LR (20K rds+); 9mm; 38SPL; 7.62×25; 7.62×39 (+1000rd case); 7.62TOK; 7.62 Ball; 5.56; 9×19; 40SW; 45; 30-06; 380ACP; 8mm Mauser; 30-40 KRAG; 357; 30-30; 7.62mm; 17HMR Coins: sev wheat sets/loose, Indians; Buffalos; V-Shields; Barbers; , foreign coins/paper; ancient coins (Licinius), copper bullion; Spanish Reales; Ike Dollars; US Territorial dollar; tokens; Mercury dimes; silver nickels; 2 silver halves; 2 proof quarter sets 1999-2016; Proof sets; Silver Peso; 1921 Dollar; Susan B Anthony, Sacagawea $’s; lots of misc modern coins; lots of tokens; Pins, Masonic, Postal, Military, others; watches; lighters, other misc

Midwest Real Estate

Geo Sterling Eisele – Auctioneer/Realtor

Cell: 620.779.5659

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