Hey! What’s going on!

Just a quick blog to everyone what we are doing.

During the “pandemic”, we have expanded our business to include On-Line Auctions.  Our On-Line auctions have been in the works and planning stage for a few months.  We were so busy, we just didn’t have time to work on them to the best of our ability.  Now with some extra time and being thrown into it, we have made the leap.

The cool stuff!

We have a new website for the On-Line auctions – www.biddinghereonline.com

We also have our own application on Android and Apple.

Just go to the Playstore or Appstore and Download  – Midwest Auctions

How does an On-Line auction work?

Download the App, and / or register on the website.  Name, Address, Phone Number, email.

For each Auction, you will need to “Register”. – Just click the “I’m 18” button and the “I read the rules” button and submit.

At the end of each auction, you will be invoiced for items you won (email).

On the scheduled pickup day, you will go to the auction site, pay and pick up your items.

You MUST pick up on the proper day or you may be removed from further bidding.  If you absolutely want to buy something and can not pick it up, send someone with the payment, anyone. If an issue arises, communication is key. CALL ME, PLEASE! Don’t just not show up.

If you have issues with ANYTHING or ANY QUESTIONS, CALL ME PLEASE.  I can fix just about anything myself, or my tech people can help.  Don’t just pass on something because of a little quirky thing.  It’s new.  I’m learning.  It’ll get better.  It’s going to be awesome.

Lastly, Yes – We will still be doing LIVE auctions along side our On-Line platform.

Thank you,

Geo. Sterling Eisele


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